J.Guinn Entertainment Inc. is running a pre-sale of Saturn Coin.  That will be followed by an ICO in very soon. The purpose of the ICO will be to raise money to make a slate of films. This is your chance to be apart of something great. I will keep you informed, come and join the group and learn Cryptocurrency so you can be apart of the productions. If you already understand cryptocurrency and want to bypass the group and make a purchase, you can purchase it at the site. If you want to purchase at the many Exchanges the name is Saturn Coin, the symbols are NMJ

Saturn Coin



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 Hollywood and the U.S. Film Industry Topped $43 Billion in Revenue Last Year, the American film industry generated $43.4 billion in revenue last year, increasing in each of the past five years at an annualized rate of just 2.2%, according to a report by the research firm IBIS World obtained by Deadline.  Even so, the report found that the film industry is “growing slightly faster than the overall economy,” and projects it will retain more of its revenue as profit than in years past – 12.6% in 2017, compared with just 10.6% in 2012

Netflix is revolutionizing the business of the film industry, at a time of a beautiful Cinematography Renaissance and powerful Series Cinema.  This post offers a snapshot of the state of cinema in 2018 and reflects on key trends and challenges that may shape its future. Cinema is both a global industry and technological art, so it's only natural that the trends and challenges I see are interwoven in business, technology, and culture.

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