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Special Effects

Dieter Sturm may not be a household name, but for about 30 years, his work has been all over some of your favorite Hollywood movies. "Fargo." "Plains, Trains and Automobiles." "Contagion." "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" (OK, loose use of the word "favorite" with that one). And when I say all over, I mean all…
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Award-winning African American actor Lou Gossett Jr.

Award-winning African American actor Lou Gossett Jr. takes an unvarnished look at the daunting challenges and incredible triumphs of his fifty-five year career.  Louis Gossett Jr. is one of the most respected African American stage and screen actors, who rose to fame with his Emmy-winning role in the television miniseries Roots and Oscar-winning performance in…
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Sunset Blvd.

 The Legendary Sunset Strip Approximately 22 miles (35 km) in length, the boulevard  roughly traces the arc of mountains that form part of the northern boundary of the Los Angeles Basin, following the path of a 1780s cattle trail from the Pueblo de Los Angeles to the ocean. From Downtown Los Angeles, it heads northwest, to Hollywood, through which…
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